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Gobi Carbon Management Software formally launched

November 16, 2010

Vancouver company’s new online tool helps businesses fight climate change and respond to clients, suppliers and regulators

Vancouver, British Columbia,  – Gobi Carbon Management Solutions Inc. today announced the launch of GobiSOFT, a new web-based tool that enables small-to medium-sized businesses to easily and affordably measure, report and reduce their carbon footprint.

Managing an organization’s carbon footprint is an important aspect to fighting climate change, said Gobi’s co-founder, Dr. Joe Kelly. “Businesses are facing significantly increased pressure from their stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprint.”

That pressure is likely to come from a combination of government and industry regulation as well as consumer demand for environmentally responsive business. “All businesses will likely experience a greater degree of scrutiny over their carbon footprint and may need to demonstrate environmentally responsible practices to remain competitive in the marketplace,” said Dr. Kelly, adding, “Failure to demonstrate environmental responsibility is increasingly perceived as a source of risk by investors and customers.”

Scott Construction Group in Vancouver uses GobiSOFT to reduce its carbon footprint at the corporate level and in everyday construction activities. “GobiSOFT lets us measure and report on our progress in this area and set targets for ourselves,” said Scott’s Director of Sustainable Building Practices, Susan Hildebrand. “Thanks to this, Scott can ’walk the walk‘ in its sustainability goals and have a measurable record of its progress.”

Climate change is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the biggest global challenges. There is growing consensus among leading scientific organizations that the earth’s climate is warming and that most of the observed increase in temperature is due to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. “While many businesses want to reduce their impact on climate, tackling the challenge can be difficult,” said Dr. Kelly. “That’s where GobiSOFT can help. GobiSOFT makes it easy for organizations to measure, report and manage their carbon footprint.”

All a company needs is its utility and fuel bills, along with any travel records and waste and recycling information. Once entered online, GobiSOFT then produces a range of reports and charts, letting the user analyze the company’s footprint in terms of energy consumed, emissions produced, and cost of its environmental impact.
Tara Schaufele, Sustainability Manager at The Vancouver Aquarium, said the software is easy to understand. “The reporting mechanisms are clear and easy to read even for those who do not fully understand GHG concepts. Furthermore, GobiSOFT provides us with quick, responsive support and information when we need it - and that is crucial when using a database or software program.”
Along with social and environmental benefits, there is a strong business advantage to monitoring the size of one’s carbon footprint, said Dr. Kelly. “Reducing your carbon footprint by scaling back energy usage, travel, waste and the like, reduces costs and potentially improves your bottom line.”

GobiSOFT is based on international greenhouse gas (GHG) standards, making it one of the most credible and complete carbon management systems on the market. Simple to use and affordable, GobiSOFT provides a one-stop solution for small to medium-sized organizations across North America that wish to get in front of the climate change challenge.

For information and interviews:

Ann Gibbon
604 263 0634
778 999 0064 (cell)